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    All 6 Volumes of Bankruptcy Masterclass


    Add all six Bankruptcy Masterclass volumes to your bankruptcy library.

    A $1,500 value for only $499.  A $1,001 savings!

    • Volume 1: Starting a Bankruptcy Practice
    • Volume 2: Bankruptcy Marketing & Advertising
    • Volume 3: Bankruptcy Selling & Closing Clients
    • Volume 4: Client Communications
    • Volume 5: Processing the Petition, Schedules & Statements
    • Volume 6: The Bankruptcy Code

    Bankruptcy Masterclass – Volume 2: Bankruptcy Marketing & Advertising


    Every lawyer who wants to generate bankruptcy clients, build a book of business, and build a successful bankruptcy practice should read this book. Now, at last, the secrets to legal marketing and legal advertising are revealed in one book. Learn how to generate clients through referrals, direct mail, brochures, content marketing,  LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Ads, and Facebook.

    A rainmaker understands this simple truth: Marketing = Clients = Profits = Success = Freedom

    Without clients, a lawyer is relegated to associate status working for a rainmaker. This book teaches an associate to become a rainmaker so he/she can become the boss.

    Demographics and market research are examined because they play a big role in legal marketing. A clear understanding of the target group is essential to effective marketing and eliminates unproductive marketing efforts and squandering of limited marketing resources.

    Referrals are a key concept that is discussed from multiple dimensions, including referrals from family and friends, referrals from existing clients. Referral marketing with fellow professionals is also analyzed. A lawyer is urged to target those professionals who enjoy a natural symbiotic relationship with the attorney. Full-text, sample referral letters are provided so that they can be sent to other lawyers, bankers, realtors, and more.

    Network marketing is also examined. Networking promotes an attorney and builds solid business relationships with referrers. The resulting referrals solidify prospects’ feeling of trust in the attorney personally and confidence in the attorney’s abilities. Sample networking questions and practice dialogue are provided.

    Direct mail is examined it allows a lawyer to segment the market and target those prospects most likely to need legal services. One of the great advantages of direct mail is that a lawyer can reach specific audience segments with personalized messages. The full text of successful direct mail pieces is provided. Brochure marketing is studied in a separate chapter with a focus on the “10 Benefits of Brochure Marketing.”