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    All 6 Volumes of Bankruptcy Masterclass


    Add all six Bankruptcy Masterclass volumes to your bankruptcy library.

    A $1,500 value for only $499.  A $1,001 savings!

    • Volume 1: Starting a Bankruptcy Practice
    • Volume 2: Bankruptcy Marketing & Advertising
    • Volume 3: Bankruptcy Selling & Closing Clients
    • Volume 4: Client Communications
    • Volume 5: Processing the Petition, Schedules & Statements
    • Volume 6: The Bankruptcy Code

    Starting a Solo Law Firm


    Starting a Solo Law Firm offers young lawyers a must-have desk reference book for building a law firm.  Lawyers should invest in their future!  Young lawyers worked hard in college and again in law school.  Now it is time to reap the rewards of the intensive legal training.  Earn the profits deserved.  Develop pride and earn respect from your peers.  Any lawyer who possesses a heartfelt desire to build a respected legal career, along with the vision and drive to succeed, should read and embrace the steps set forth in this book.